Our Story

There is beauty and wonder around us; only when we take a moment to look. 85% of women in India interestingly always remember the story behind their jewellery. Partner’s first gift, their first promotion, grand mom’s Diwali gift or the first time he got down on one knee. We understand that every piece of jewellery that you bought for yourself or were gifted has stories of achievement and memorable moments.

At Wondr Diamonds, we believe in the liberty of style, in celebrating these moments, big or small, in standing up and standing out to enhance someone’s day and in giving back with unlimited possibilities. We go above and beyond the current norms and standards to offer conflict-free diamonds. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we ensure each step of our process from creation to delivery reflect our ethos.

WondrDiamond a Earth Friendly Jewellery Brand

Being an earth-friendly jewellery brand, Wondr Diamonds has a story to tell. The brand has disrupted the diamond jewellery industry and has adopted an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative that marks as the stepping stone of the future. The brand celebrates jewellery as congregating and creating elements of symbolism and memory. Their technical prowess and passion for iridescent jewellery has the best influence on this brand. Wondr Diamonds is a globally inspired jewellery brand that embodies conspicuous designs that reflect the strength and femininity of women who are changing the world. Designed for women from every walk of life, these earth-friendly and innovative lab-made diamonds are in line with the ethos of our business.

Our Integrity

Every piece of jewellery you buy says something about you. Choosing a piece that’s meaningful to you will make it an integral part of your jewellery wardrobe. That’s why we make sure our designs stand the test of time. We treat every conversation and decision with integrity and transparency, because our raison d'être is to support your life’s story and enhance its happy moments. From our high-quality materials to our brilliant artisans and customer-centric focus, we stand by our work, honour our word, and prioritise your satisfaction. Our signature designs offer a sparkling organic look. Each one offering a reflection and a reminder of the world that surrounds us. The beauty and wonder that can be found when we take a moment to look.


Design & Crafmanship

Quality, craftsmanship and attention to details are the cornerstone of our brand. Our most experienced men work with the latest technologies and machinery to deliver utmost quality and precision in the best of the art form. We make sure that, the quality of the work is delivered just like we promised, along with the most never seen astonishing designs.

Our award-winning designers and craftsmanship make every piece of jewellery a masterpiece. Everything from conceptualization to designing is done in our in-house design studios.